Delving the Realms of Fanfiction

In the last few weeks before the summer holidays it came to my attention that some of my pupils are active fanfiction writers and are active on several sites dedicated to fanfiction.

I am rather delighted by that, especially since the writers are not interested in Vampire romance drivel, but rather congregate around Harry Potter. I have since checked out some of sites mentioned in the conversations with my pupils. I have also avoided reading the stories authored by them, since I consider it a breach of their privacy, given the fact I know them personally and am ina special relationship with them.

But Iäh my Cthulhu! What have I found…

I guess there should be something called Rule 34b or Rule 35 or something… (If you are unaware what Rule 34 is, just google it) and it should be:

If you come up with some weird scenario in a canonical fictional universe and/or a weird crossover involving two or more canonical fictional universes, there already exists fanfction for it.

This is what I have come across (and skimmed over some stories):

Star Wars / Doctor Who crossover

Doctor Who / Harry Potter crossover

Harry Potter / Star Wars crossover

There are others, a seizable number containing paranormal entities who would get their behinds extremely prodded by Count von Count, but those I chose not to read.

Alas, there is also some Cthulhu / Harry Potter crossover fiction but this I also have not read, I fear the power of the Great Old Ones may be mocked and as a devoted cultist, I may be forced to devolve into an online troll, which I refuse to do as a gentleman.

But I guess eventually, I will not be able to resist the lure of those unholy writings anymore and read it anyway…

In any case, the universe of fanfiction is a very diverse place and I have hardly scratched its surface. I can only guess at the horrors and wonders that wait there.

And while I am typing these lines, another thought occurs to me and I saunter over to Google to check for something else…

Yes, there is in deed crossover fanfiction for Harry Potter and Fallout. Iäh my Cthulhu! Iäh my Cthulhu in deed!


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