The Expanse -Watch this #epic series!

Engaging Fanboy Mode:

People, go and watch The Expanse!

It has been two weeks since I opened an account with Netflix and I am already despairing! I binge-watched The Expanse, but to my dismay, it is only two seasons long so far, with another season due in 2018.

But what seasons they are!

The Expanse offers a relatively hard sci-fy look into what the solar system could look like in about 200 years. It features:

  • A united Earth and Moon
  • An independent Mars
  • An independent coalition of various factions in the asteroid belt beween Mars and Jupiter and settlers on the Jovian Moons
  • realistic high-tech space flight
  • realistic problems of space travel and colonies
  • realistic battles and weapons technology (all based on our best understanding of science)
  • political intrigue
  • a strange alien artifact which may be a weapon, or something else entirely
  • great characters and character development

The Expanse is hands down the best science-fiction series I have ever seen. It is gut-wrenchingly realistic in its portrayal of the struggles one faces when confronted with the fact that outside is nothing but hard vacuum. All the characters are real, have real motivations (even if it just greed) and the really good guys and knights in shinig armor types are few and far between, but all are human and even the bad guys are not beyond redemption.

And the space battles are simply one step beyond everything I have seen so far!

Try it out yourselves, watch it!

I hope The Expanse will be for science fiction what Game of Thrones is for fantasy.

And now, enjoy the Season 3 ComiCon Trailer!



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