Radio Retrofuture goes Fallout

Public Service Announcement!

Radio Retrofuture goes Fallout with own Radiostation!

My friend Bonsart Bokel of Radio Retrofuture fame is hosting 12 days of Fallout-related awesomeness. From 20th December 2017  to 31st December 2017 there will be a ton of stuff going on, including an Aethercast and his very own Fallout in-universe radio station.

In Bonsart’s own words:


Yes, december is drawing close and with it the launch of Radio Retrofuture for Fallout 4. A whole Steampunk-ish Radio Station, that is part of Old World Radio, for you to enjoy while exploring the Boston wasteland with over 6 hours of audio including the advetures and ramblings of the absinth fiend Balthazar Gerards and his robot ASP.


If you love retrofuture, or atompunk or Fallout (and why shouldn’t you?) come join the event, and I shall see you there!