Some thoughts on Star Trek Discovery

Cordial spoiler alert warning!

After watching the second episode of the second half of Star Trek Discovery’s first season, I can only say one thing:

Holy transwarp spore drive! 

I have not been so excited about a series in the Star Trek universe since the third season of The Next Generation.

Granted, a lot of the old guard of fans could take issue with the re-imaging of the Klingons, the spore drive (I am wondering myself halfway insane how they will solve the issue of keeping it canon although it never shows up in the future) and the fact that most Star Fleet characters you meet are not Knights in Shining Armor, but rather heavy on the darker shades.

I myself am struggeling with the unfortunate pseudo-existence of the only likable Klingon in the series so far and the general nastiness and dishonourable conduct of all other Klngons we have met.

But the rest… Marvelous!

Characters with more then ine side to them, dark secrets, conspiracies and a complicated plot and story arch spanning the whole of the season and possibly beyond. All things we do not see in classic (i.e. TOS and TNG) at all.

Also, I love the diversity of the crew, the painful relationships (oh the heartache and forced betrayal…)

Of special not are Lt. Commander Saru, sapient descendant of a prey-species with an outlook on life and caution to match, Cadet Tilly, whose wide-eyed enthusiasm is rapidly being eroded, and Lt. Stamets, who by now might be more cosmic tardigrade then human.

So many interesting characters, especially the non-human ones.

Discovery is currently stuck in the beloved Mirror Universe and things have gotten really ugly. Tilly is ‘acting’ captain, Stamets has met his counterpart in the forest, and everybody is messed up or stuck in the mess or both. Also: Mirror universe Vulcans always wear beards…

Also also: Plot twist galore! Michelle Yeoh is The Emperor! Splendid!

So, Star Trek Discovery offers depth, mystery and the touch of darkness hardly seen in the Star Trek Franchise (except for aspects of DS9) and I hope itvwill run for many seasons to come!

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