The End is nigh! – This is the penultimate post

Hello one and all. This is the second to last post on this blog, the last one will come in July and will be the final episode of the Non-Euclidean Æthercast. In July it will be ten years since I wrote the first post on this blog, this was still back on

Ten years is a long time and many things have happened since then. Steampunk bloomed and boomed, then experienced a downturn, in the meantime, I became a father and fairly recently started working as a teacher again.

I other words: Real life is occupying more and more of my time and I have found less and less time to devote to writing this blog.

The other reason is the GDPR that came into full effect in Europe a few weeks back. You can look up yourselves what this could lead to for simple bloggers such as myself.

So, the journey I took with this blog and with a lot of readers and friends (and readers who became friends) is coming to an end soon, all things do eventually.


The End is Nigh! (Public Domain)


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