Save recovery! The journey continues!

OK, forget what I posted earlier, the journey continues. With the help of the WordPress-community I was able to rid this blog of all links that would make it a “business” according to the EU regulations and now it is a completely private non-comerical blog again.

It has been a bit of a task to proof this blog but now it is done!

Back in the day when I was still doing search engine optimization I would have screamed at the prospect of having to get rid of outbound, helpful links, but now I simply do not care anymore. This blog has generated a gross total of $5.12 in revenues from Amazon over the last 8 years, and 0.00 over the last five years, so there is little harm done.

I also disabled my Patreon account, just to be on the save side, after all, this blog is a hobby, not a source of income.

So, the jounrey continues but I am thinking about making a few changes in the future, I already changed the design and I guess the focus will change as well.

Anyway… The blog is save and I do not have to lock away the work of ten years!

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