Dublin fhtagn!

After 22 years, I made it back to Dublin, alas, I am not on holiday, I am here attending an ERASMUS certification course, ICT, it is about using various internet-tools in the classroom. Most of the stuff I know from previous experience, which makes things easier, but also a bit boring sometimes. Also, I am experiencing the same phenomenon again I talked about here last year, again, but this time on an international level. Yep, teachers around the word are all the same. If I did not miscount, there are seven different nationalities present.

Now for the good bits, I am in Dublin, after all and there is a lot to do here.

The other day, I walked past a pub with a Star Wars painting on the front wall, Cassidy’s (what a great name). Of course, I took that as a sign of the gods an went inside.

It is an old-school punk pub! The music is great, the patrons are my type of people and their selection of beer is astounding and ranges from the old and venerable (Guinness) to the Weird and Wonderful (I had a Melon beer and a licorice flavored stout, both surprisingly good).
Here are two photos I took:



But of course, I am not only here to drink beer, after all, I am staying at Trinity College and there is so much to see, the amount of book-porn alone:


This is a view of the end of the old college library, in case you wondered.
There will be another post regarding my stay in Dublin, but for now I leave you with something weird. There is an artifact on the premises of Trinity College, which can only be a fragment of the Borg sphere that was displaced further in time when the Borg tried to take over/will try to take over Earth on April 5th 2063. Here it is:


More on Dublin later…