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February 2019

Mass Effect Normandy

The greatest fan movie ever! – Complete Nerdgasm and stable Nerdfusion!

Ladies and gentlemen, honourable visitors from places far removed by space, time and dimension, may I present to you, the most epic fan movie ever. It is a well made, perfectly splendid mash-up of some of the most beloved sci-fi franchises of the past decades. Even better: It is completely …

Technomagic in progress

Once again I find myself praying to the Omnissiah. This is not because I do not have faith in my abilities but because a techno-barbarian could interfere by switching off the godmachine I am working on and with. So, to make sure everything works smoothly I have opted for the …

Opportunity – It was supposed to be 90 days

Opportunity has ceased to function, I hope one day school children will take trips to the place the rover rests and find it really boring despite the historic significance of the mission. This is NASA’s official statement: And this is my nerdy tribute: