For Beltalowda!

This is how I feel at the moment:

Coincidentally, I am wearing a The Expanse fan shirt today… The Expanse is my favourite TV show (narrowly beating Star Trek Discovery) and the scene above captures nicely how I feel, as I said already.

After two partially arduous years, I have finished my teacher training and am now a teacher, something I studied for 10 years ago but then decided not to pursue for a while for various reasons. But now I am ready and just like Drummer is taking the Behemoth into the ring in the scene above to explore what lies beyond, I will go and explore classrooms filled with noisy children and hopefully teach them something about the world we live in and how to code properly.

For Beltalowda!

PS: Since I passed my final exams (Master of Arts in Education) I now again have the time to do more in and on this blog, hopefully, I will.

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