Is the EU democratic? Does my vote matter?

I am a citizen of the EU, as such, I want my voice to be heard in Brussels and I want my vote to count. The upcoming election for the European Parliament has been a hot topic in European news for a few weeks now and many are asking:

Is the EU democratic? Does my vote matter?
Well, the magnificent people at Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell have produced an excellent video explaining just how democratic the EU ACTUALLY and REALLY is. It is very concise, easy to understand and simply beautiful.
Check it out:

And if you have trouble understanding spoken English at that speed or know someone who needs to learn about the EU but does not speak English very well, the video is available in many different languages, take your pick from this playlist.

And now, for the love of our peace and prosperity, fellow citizens of the European Union, cast your vote and share this article and/or the video!