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July 2019

The Expanse Season 4 Clip – I Can’t wait until December!

Here’s a teaser clip from the upcoming 4th season of Amazon’s The Expanse. The Good: It looks epic, and I cannot wait for the season to start. The bad: I have to wait until December. Oh well… Good things come to those who wait… For Beltalowda! Oh, and if you …


Apollo 11 – 50 years later the Earth is flat

50 years ago yesterday, Apollo 11 lifted off on its way to bring the first humans to the moon. A lot of things have happened since then, science has progressed, we now have a colony on the moon, the first men have stepped on Mars! The future of space travel …

Dr. Alexei

Stranger Things Season 3 – Blasphemous Mother of Cthulhu!

This review contains minimal spoilers! What a ride! After two very impressive seasons I was more than curious what the third season would bring and I speculated about it two post earlier. My speculation was not correct, which is a good thing. The third season really delivers on all fronts: …