I hacked our own servers

Well, of course I did not. There is a story behind it and it connects neatly to the previous post.

After my pupils (that’s students in American English) showed a remarkable lack of knowledge in computer and internet related things, I decided to teach them a very relevant lesson:

“If you do not know your stuff, people can and will take advantage of you.”

A Phony Program

What I told them was, I wanted to show them the importance of security software by showing them how easy it is to hack a computer or server. I also told them I had written a hacking program especially for that purpose.

This is the code of the program:

import random

import time

start =0

websiteName = raw_input("Enter the website you want to hack: ")  

websiteURL = raw_input("Enter the URL of the website: ")

print "Hacking ",websiteName

while start < 75:


    print "progressing..."

    print "stand by"

    print "..."

    time.sleep(random.randint (5,12))

    print websiteName ," ",start,"% hacked"

    start = start + random.randint(1, 12)

print "Hacking attempt detected. Aborting."


print "You have been traced to Germany 437.271.330.03."


print "Have a nice day!"

As you may well notice, this little Python script does no hacking at all. It is just a loop working with keyboard input. And that was exactly the actual point I wanted to make, as mentioned above. Since my kids did not know much if anything, I could fool them into thinking I was hacking our school’s website.

It was astonishingly silent in the class room while the program was running.

A lesson that hopefully stuck

I then told them it was all fake and just a show to impress them and make them believe I was a crack programmer. Then I implored them to get more knowledgeable about computers, how they work etc. and the way the web and the people on the web work, otherwise some person on the web will get access to their computer by pretending they want to help.

The next lesson will be on how to make your computer and your online behaviour more secure, I hope I can achieve something their and the kids actually get some security software (or tell their parents to get some) and change the way they behave online.