An unexpected dark side to something jolly

For a very, very long time I have been a fan of THE UNSPAKABLE VAULT (of Doom). I think I discovered this jolly web comic based on a fun and rather friendly (comparatively, anyway) interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos, when there were less than a hundred cartoons on the site.
The web comic was also used in chapter six of my final paper at university (be warned: German content).

For some reason I completely missed that Goomi, the artist behind THE UNSPEAKABLE VAULT (of Doom), also does other art. Art that is more in line with a classical interpretation of Cthulhu Mythos material and is very impressive.

Here are some examples for your… well… enjoyment.

Seal of Shudde m’ell
Goomicronicon Page Statue II

All are © Goomi, fair use. Please check out his gallery.