An H.P. Lovecraft Cinematic Universe – It’s coming (maybe)!

Right, there is only one thing to say: IÄH! EVERYBODY IÄH!

There is an H.P. Lovecraft cinematic universe in the works, SpectreVision, the production company of Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah, who are also going to release The Color out of Space, soon (January 22nd, to be precise) have plans for an H.P. Lovecraft cinematic universe!

According to an interview with ComingSoon, SpectreVision has tentative plans concerning a trilogy of movies based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. In this trilogy, the upcoming Color out of Space (trailer below) would be the first, and The Dunwich Horror next.

If the trilogy turns out to be successful (Azathoth willing) there are plans to expand this into a proper H.P. Lovecraft cinematic universe.

We can only pray in forgotten temples and on clearings in forbidding, eldritch woods, under a bloated moon that this will all come to pass. IÄH!
And here’s the trailer for Color out of Space: