Project Stoicism

For a very long time I have been a fan of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. My fascination with him began back before my teenage years when I found out there was a Roman emperor who shared my first name. Much later (but already some 20 years ago or more) I learned he was also a great philosopher, but I did not look into the matter for a long time. This changed a few months back.

For a number of reasons I became interested in the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and was delighted wen I found out that Marcus Aurelius was/is one of the most prominent philosophers of this school so I dove into his Meditations. If you are unfamiliar with Stoicism, here is a brief intro and explanation:

In order to give Stoicism more thought, which of course is the whole point of philosophy, I have decided to dedicate a short series of blog post over the next weeks/months (depending on how frequently I will be able to blog) to Stoicism.

I will contemplate the main virtues of Stoicism, ideas of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and others. Let’s see where this goes.

One thing I can already say: Various ideas and pieces of advice by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Musonius Rufus and the contemporary philosopher Massimo Pigliucci (see the video above) have already managed to drastically increase my patience with my more unruly pupils.