May I point your attention to: Sabaton History

There rarely comes a moment when you have followed and enjoyed something awesome for a while (years) and then you find out there is a multi-level awesome connected to the awesome that you did not know about.

Case in point: I have followed Indy Neidell‘s Great War and World War II channels on Youtube for years now, and am also a subscriber to some later additions to the network.

It was only this week, though, I found out about a collaboration between Indy and Sabaton, my second favourite heavy metal band (after Iron Maiden).

The channel is (you guessed it…) Sabaton History. It has been on the web since February 2019 and new videos are added regularly.

Sabaton and Indy explore the history and events that inspire Sabaton’s songs. So you do not only get interesting bits of history, you also get great music at the same time. How can you not love this channel. Check it out.

And here is a sample video: