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March 2020

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #59 – Geek in quarantine edition (pants optional) (aethercast): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:47 — 12.4MB) | EmbedBeing stuck at home as a geeky introvert is not that bad. It’s basically what I trained for my entire life… Here are some thoughts and personal survival tips regarding the current situation and these are some …


Project Stoicism: Handling the current situation

When you open any news site, turn on the radio or TV, there is a lot of news covering irrational behavior. People are buying surgical masks, hand-sanitizer and toilet paper (!) like crazy. Hint: Toilet paper and clean behinds have no effect on corona viruses of any kind whatsoever, and …

Project Stoicism: Stoicism 101

Continuing my series on Stoicism, instead of writing about another virtue (the next one will be justice), I wanted to share this presentation by Massimo Pigliucci. The key points of Stoicism in under one hour. Please enjoy, be inspired and take some notes.