Project Stoicism: Handling the current situation

When you open any news site, turn on the radio or TV, there is a lot of news covering irrational behavior. People are buying surgical masks, hand-sanitizer and toilet paper (!) like crazy.

Hint: Toilet paper and clean behinds have no effect on corona viruses of any kind whatsoever, and frequently washing your hands does help a lot!

Others stock up on non-perishables when it is clear that food production is not affected.

Then, there is fake news spreading like another illness with outlandish and of course non-sourced claims about deliberate infections, mutated viruses, riots on the streets and other nonsense.

While we have no control over the action of others, we have full control over our own actions and we should act with virtue. We should consider our actions and make rational decisions.

A stoic stereotype is that stoics remain calm in difficult situation. Let’s embrace this stereotype, remain calm and set an example. Tell your friends that it is enough to wash your hands regularly and there is no real need for hand sanitizer, especially now that so many people are stuck at home.

If you are stuck at home, remember: Amor fati! Take this, the situation fate has put you into, and make the best of it. Maybe your wardrobe needs sorting, maybe there is this book you never finished, maybe you can go to (no, this is no sponsored link) and pick up a new skill. Maybe you finally have time to spend with your kids.

Moaning about the situation is just fuel for the fire. Make the best of the situation and be an example. The best outcome for you is that you stay healthy and you are an inspiration to your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

If anything less positive happens: It is most likely not in your control, so do not waste your time bemoaning it.

Take all the appropriate measures and make the best of this situation.

Daily Stoic has an in-depth article over at their site on this topic, so why not invest some quality time and give it a read as well?

Stay safe and healthy!