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April 2020

Project Stoicism: The Life of Marcus Aurelius

The life of Marcus Aurelius is as interesting, epic and historically significant as you may expect from one of Rome’s most famous emperors and one of the few philosopher kings history has to offer. Biographics, a highly recommendable YouTube channel just released a biography of Marcus Aurelius, check it out:

Rebuild of Evangelion is free on YouTube

オタク仲間こんにちは。 良い知らせがあります。(Hello, fellow nerds/otaku, I bring good news). Rebuild of Evangelion, the redone version of the famed Neon Genesis Evangelion is free on YouTube. The official creator, Kahara Inc., has released them on their official YouTube Channel just five days ago as of me writing this article. And here is …

What Cthulhu can teach us about isolation

Iäh! everybody. I hope this special message by the Cult of Great Cthulhu finds you in good health. I had a bit of a non-euclidean think-around and came to the conclusion Great Cthulhu’s general behavior can teach us a lot about what to do during the quarantine and still be …

Project Stoicism: Actionable advice by Marcus Aurelius and Musonius Rufus

Most of us are sitting at home right now, going out only when necessary. But even now, it can happen that we overhear somebody telling someone else off for real or imagined breaches of quarantine rules. Or maybe someone thinks they have special rights and do not have to stick …

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #60 – Happy Things from the Quarantine (aethercast): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 11:29 — 11.3MB) | EmbedJust a few personal positive things from two weeks more into the quarantine. I hope you are all healthy and not too stressed out! Stay safe, stay healthy everyone!