Project Stoicism: That is tyranny, not government

The Roman philosopher Epictetus had something to say about what differentiates government from tyranny, as Massimo Pigliucci points out here in another excellent stoic meditations podcast, listen and contemplate:

I can only agree. Right now we see tyranny in what used to be the greatest democracy on the planet, ruled over by someone who is guided by impulses and so devoid of virtue, one is hard pressed to think of a more unfit person to fill his office.

I hope, when this all ends (and this includes COVID-19), we can all get together and understand that government should be guided by rational decisions, wisdom and humility. Things stoics strife for and which have been demonstrated by two heads of government in particular:

Jacinda Ardern and Angela Merkel. It is no coincidence that both New Zealand and Germany have dealt with the COVID crisis rather well. Unlike the countries ruled by self-aggrandizing buffoons.