D&D Minus Podcast – Just Listen!

Most fun podcast ever! Seriously… Please do not read anything I am telling you here, just click on this link and enjoy!

OK, since you decided to go on reading anyway, I give you a run down:

The people behind Godawful Movies and The Scathing Atheist, both podcasts are well worth listening to as well, have decided to play D&D and invite some family and friends along. Hilarity ensues.

I guess it helps if you are a good old pen and paper role player to get what is going on but even if you are not, you will have loads of fun.

The podcasts consist of (I guess minimally edited) recordings of their gaming sessions and they are just chuck full of innuendo, profanities, and basically everything you can expect to happen during a fantasy role playing session.

Be warned, the podcast is not for the faint of heart (as you may have guessed when I mentioned the profanities) but I guess most readers of this blog won’t mind. And this is the first episode, enjoy!