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July 2020


This is not a continuation of my accidental IT-Dark-Age series comprising this recent article and this older article. Although it relates somewhat. A techno-barbarian is someone who uses advanced technology, most often in a post-apocalyptic setting, without understanding the science behind the tech and/or is unable to replicate/repair the technology …

Zeno of Citium

Project Stoicism: The Virtue of Courage

In common usage, “being stoic” describes someone who displays no or little emotion even during the most dire of circumstances. While this usage has little to do with actual Stoicism, not being too affected by negative circumstances certainly is part of it. The ability to face negative circumstances and endure …

A Fallout TV Series is in development!

This is literally it. The headline says it all. Oh the possibility of something epic! I was literally speechless when I read the news. Check out this link, that is all the information there is at the moment: