Game of 1000+ Poems

The good folks over at Extra Credits directed my attention towards a low-AI interactive poetry generator: Game of 1000+ Poems.

Here are two short pieces I generated:

Take care
if you have nothing else to say
a man with eyes full of fish, unable to stay mute
what strange currents has brought you before me?
let the bricks and the glass crumble just don’t be silent, otherwise I’ll go deaf, he said
but I didn’t say a word, and he faded away

for glory
the new king is better than the old one, it is he whose name flashes in our eyes
layer by layer, the earth gets bigger
the rose knows the answer, but has no tongue and cannot speak
an inaudible hum within a voice, louder than the celestial spheres.

The game is strangely addictive and curiously, the generated poems are qualitatively indistinguishable from a lot of modern poetry spawned in human brains.

If you want to give it a go, it is absolutely free and a bit of a time-sink.

I hope they will work on the game and make it possible to generate longer pieces.