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December 2020

minimalist art piece

My plan for minimalism in 2021

A few weeks back I had a most interesting video-chat with an internet friend of mine, a lady I met in a stoicism discussion group, and she told me about her plans for 2021. One of the things she has planned is making 2021 a year of minimalism. I.e. no …

Rest in the Force Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch, the original Boba Fett has become one with the Force at the age of 75. This is especially sad since the character he helped to make iconic and a fan-favourite has only recently returned to the screen. Rest in the Force, Sir, your memory and legacy live on!

The Expanse: In Memoriam Klaes Ashford

With season 5 of The Expanse coming up, I want to take the time and dedicate this short article to the memory of “The Ghost Knife of Calisto “, Klaes Ashford. He was my favourite supporting character of the show and I liked the rocky relationship he had with Camina …

Ad Astra, Chuck Yeager!

Brigadier General Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager, legendary test pilot and first human to break the sound barrier in controlled flight, has passed on at the venerable age of 97. He will forever be remembered as a hero of aviation and Atompunk for his flight in the beautiful Bell X-1 that …