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January 2021

Temperance (Tarot card)

Project Stoicism: Temperance in Action

Well, two weeks into my (hopefully) Year of Minimalism™ and temperance is in action. I was actually not aware how often you just give in to unnecessary purchases every time you go shopping. It is the little things, the extra bar of chocolate, the premium yogurt etc. But then also …

Razer Project Hazel

Razer, one of the preeminent brands for gamers on the planet just took it up a notch by revealing a concept for a very advanced, stylish, and very cyberpunk protective mask.Project Hazel will feature advanced filters, air conditioning and voice amplification among other features. And the concept is simply visually …

Dropkick Murphys

First Class Loser – Dedicated to #45

Donald Trump is a losing loser who lost. He is a disgrace to the office he defiled. He’s a bully, an autocrat, an anti-democrat and a sociopathic narcissist. But most of all, he is a loser. Thus, I dedicate this song to him: Come on everybody, sing along: Have you …