Project Stoicism: Temperance in Action

Well, two weeks into my (hopefully) Year of Minimalism™ and temperance is in action. I was actually not aware how often you just give in to unnecessary purchases every time you go shopping. It is the little things, the extra bar of chocolate, the premium yogurt etc. But then also the bigger things, especially in my case of course electronics.
Of course I cannot brag to have lasted two weeks without getting weak, that would be foolish. But I would not have imagined it to be so challenging. I was simply not aware of all the stuff you get at the shops that you actually do not need.
I thought the first step would be to stop browsing Amazon every day. It is not. The first step (for me) is to practice temperance every time I am shopping for groceries, simply because of that habit to get “that little extra” which is most often some sort of convenience food.

The Stoa

The challenge is in the details…

To make things simpler (and therefore my shopping more predictable) I have decided to eat the same simple meal once a week: Miso soup and rice balls. This is the starting point, maybe it will evolve into a full-fledged repeating weekly meal plan but at the moment I think that would be a bit extreme. I would also seriously have to consider the nutritional values of everything lest I die of scurvy or something…

Well, let’s see what other challenges await in the future and if I hit a major roadblock or obstacle eventually. The year is still young.