Project Stoicism: For someone I love

One of the virtues of stoicism is justice and the stoics of old were renowned for speaking truth to power.
While I do not really speak truth to power here, these words are adressed to someone I love and who, by the rules of our culture, is above me in status.

I will not name you, but I hope these word reach you:

When he who will never be named on my blog bragged about “Grabbing them by the pussy” you were silent.
When brown childred were locked in cages, separated from their parents, you were silent.
When some of those children died, you were silent.
When innocent African Americans died, and people took to the streets, you only criticized the protestors.
When the last administraton lied about COVID, you were silent.
When all the world was shocked by your country’s misshandling of the pandemic, you were silent.
When noone cared about masks during rallies for your candidate, you were silent.
When the lies about the stolen election were exposed as what they are, you were silent.

When a murderous mob stormed the Capitol, you were silent.
When it was revealed they chanted “Hang Mike Pence”, you were silent.

But now you moan about “not enough space at the Biden inauguration”.

I will always love you.

Please, get your priorities in order and the poison out of your soul.