Marco Inaros – The best villain The Expanse ever had

The Expanse Season 5 has come to a spectacular end and I want to take the time to celebrate the absolutely outstanding villain Marco Inaros.

Daniel from Spacedock (check out the channel) explains it all:

I can only concur. Marco Inaros is one handsome devil (come on, he is really good looking and he is basically the devil…), is terrifyingly intelligent, always has an ace or a hidden dagger up his sleeve (or as he says: A knife in the darkness) and he knows how to turn people into fanatics.

He played to the Belters’ strengths with his tactics and kept Earth on its toes and showed them Belters were a force to be reckoned with.

Of course he did it because he is a narcissistic psychopath who thinks his way is the only one, but that does not make him any less terrifying. I also have to give it to Keon Alexander and his acting prowess for bringing Marco Inaros to life.

I am really looking forward to season 6 and I would love to see a showdown between Inaros and Drummer.

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