We succeed. This is what NASA does. – Perseverance is on Mars

Yesterday, at about 22:10 CET Perseverance, the biggest and most complex rover ever send to Mars successfully touched down on Mars. Another historic success.

It is not only the rover that landed, there is also a solar-powered helicopter included!

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

If you missed the life stream, here it is for your viewing pleasure. And if you watched it yesterday, as I did, there is no reason not to watch it again:

This whole mission is such an inspiration:

It shows as how far humanity can reach if we stick to science and if we all work together. It will also serve to motivate youngsters all around the globe (yes, it is a globe) to become interested in science and strive to become scientists and astronauts.

This mission showcases what is good about humanity and we need examples like that after all the bad of humanity was on display in 2020.

I will be watching this mission closely, NASA has already scheduled the next life stream for later today.