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Dropkick Murphys

First Class Loser – Dedicated to #45

45 Orange is a losing loser who lost. He is a disgrace to the office he defiled. He’s a bully, an autocrat, an anti-democrat and a sociopathic narcissist. But most of all, he is a loser. Thus, I dedicate this song to him: Come on everybody, sing along: Have you …

Something utterly awesome from Poland

Last Thursday, I went on a mission to Poland. It was actually school business and connected to ERASMUS (check out the link), so the awesomeness happened more or less (well, less, to be honest) along the way. Some background-information: As some of you may remember, I spent two weeks in …

Flag of the European Union

Is the EU democratic? Does my vote matter?

I am a citizen of the EU, as such, I want my voice to be heard in Brussels and I want my vote to count. The upcoming election for the European Parliament has been a hot topic in European news for a few weeks now and many are asking: Is …