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Big Mandalorian Iron

Who would have thought such beauty could come from the internet, a place where recently mostly darkenss spawn…Big Mandalorian Iron, a mash-up of a song I connect with Fallout: New Vegas and this epic Star Wars TV series. Pure joy!

Happy 80th birthday, Michael Moorcock!

Michael Moorcock, celebrated fantasy author, creator of the Eternal Champion Saga, dabbler in early Steampunk, musician, journalist and Grand Old Master of Fantasy and Science Fiction celebrates his 80th birthday today! Congratulations, Sir, many happy returns! Your works have been a constant companion of mine in one form or the …

The Expanse Season 4 – Review

So the 4th season of the Expanse has dropped on Amazon Prime and I had to binge watch it, well in two days since I was rather tired and even two big mugs of coffee did not help, so the last two episodes I watched the next morning, straight before …

Rest in Peace, René Auberjonois

Another great one has passed on. René Auberjonois beloved actor of MASH,  Boston Legal and Deep Space 9 fame has died aged 79 of lung cancer. Another one who went to earlier and who will be sorely missed by the fans in the community and his family. Odo, whom he …

The Expanse Season 4 – Official Trailer: Pop Up Edition | Prime Video

Another trailer for The Expanse, Season 4. Since I was late for the previous one, I simply share this one. And I am counting the days the first episode of season 1 goes online. It will be an early Yule…

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

Oh my Cthulhu! There is an epic space battle on the horizon! A Y-wing gets a moment of glory: And of course: |-o-| |-o-| |-o-| |-o-| Watch and enjoy, and be prepared, there is some serious heartbreak ahead:

The Expanse Season 4 – Official Teaser | Prime Video

Oh my Cthulhu, the awesome does not end today! After the trailer to Star Trek: Picard, here is a teaser for Season Four of The Expanse, my favourite sci-fi series! Since The Expanse is also on Amazon Prime, I wonder if the system can take the high-octane Awesome Sauce! In …

Jean Luc Picard

Star Trek: Picard – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Oh my gods! Especially Cthulhu! Here is the new trailer for Star Trek: Picard. It looks absolutely epic and it is coming to an Amazon Prime near you in January 2020. The Awesome never ends! Enjoy!

Why the Y-Wing was the PERFECT Rebel Bomber

Ahhhh… The famed but always out-shined Y-Wing. Manufactured by Koensayr Manufacturing and the mainstay fighter/fighter-bomber in the early days of the Alliance to restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War, it does not have the same place in popular culture as the X-Wing or the TIE Fighter. Personally, the Y-Wing …