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Doctor Who, Tesla Coils, and the Maker Faire: So much Win!

The title of this post speaks for itself. Two Tesla coils playing the Doctor Who theme song at the Maker Faire 2011. Performance by ArcAttack Why did I not find this sooner, anyway?

Atompunk: Unused Space Suit Designs

The more I dig into the Atompunk side of things, the more wonderful tech-gems pop up. I had no idea what a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful hides in the Atompunk timeframe. During the height of the space race, both the Soviet Union and the United States used …

Vintage Tomorrows—New from MAKE and O'Reilly Media

Being an author with O’Reilly myself, I just had to share this press release. Vintage Tomorrows—New from MAKE and O’Reilly Media A Historian And A Futurist Journey Through Steampunk Into The Future of Technology “If you’re going to mess about with something, do something real and meaningful with it. Don’t …

Steampunk is REALLY going mainstream in 2013, says IBM

After already sharing a link concerning the matter on Facebook two days ago, I did a little more reading up and of course went to the official-press release, which can be found here: IBM Social Sentiment Index Predicts New Retail A brief excerpt: ARMONK, N.Y. – 14 Jan 2013: National …

Kickstarter: Leviathans Online: Monsters In The Sky

Following up on my post on November 23rd, the Kickstarter campaign for Leviathans Online is now up! I have not been so excited about an upcoming online game ever since Diablo II and if you look it up, this means it has been over a decade since I have been …

Would you like your own Mech?

Why do I ask, you ask? Well… I wonder if they will ever be mass-produced. Perhaps they should not, though. You never know what weirdos ed up driving them. There is enough road rage as it is, without additional firepower.