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I know this blog is not doing too bad considering it is aimed at a rather small audience. I usually get between 500-600 unique visitors every day and around 2000-3000 page impressions. As far as Page Rank and keyword rankings are concerned, it is also rather decent, considering I am not doing any active search engine optimisation for it.

Why am I telling you this? I used to be an online marketing professional myself. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile. I know what a link on my blog is worth.

Do not approach me offering guest posts, unless you are connected to the scene (which I will check if I do not know you) and want to blog about something related to any of the usual topics of my blog.

I do accept placing links for a fee into dedicated post which I will write. So if you want to buy a link in the main content of my blog, feel free to inquire. But please remember my code of conduct:

Does your proposal fit the code?

Thank you for your time.


No, sorry, I do not do marketing on my blog at all.

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