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Rebuild of Evangelion is free on YouTube

オタク仲間こんにちは。 良い知らせがあります。(Hello, fellow nerds/otaku, I bring good news). Rebuild of Evangelion, the redone version of the famed Neon Genesis Evangelion is free on YouTube. The official creator, Kahara Inc., has released them on their official YouTube Channel just five days ago as of me writing this article. And here is …

composite image of shots from the TIE fighter anime video

TIE Fighter Combat – 80’s anime style

Years ago, this 80’s anime clip about TIE fighters in combat showed up in one of my social media streams, then I completely forgot about it. Since I have been watching loads of Star Wars related stuff on Youtube, the Youtube algorithm suggested it to me, which is delightful and …

Something awesome this Way comes

And there’s even a Red Baron triplane operating from a flying aircraft carrier! This is Epic High Tech Steampunk! Findout more at War of the Worlds: Goliath And I once again have to thank Timo, my second pair of eyes on the internet.