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BBC News: Is this house really zombie-proof?

The headline was too awesome to pass. Check it out, a zombie-proof house you can assemble in the wilderness in about a day. Provides its own heat and electricity via solar power: BBC News – Is this house really zombie-proof?

New York Steampunk Flat Party

Are you in New York and are you looking for something to do next week? Why not check out this place: Yes, another one of these fabulous events I am prevented to participate in by a certain body of salty water. Well, what can you do… Since I have been …

Gründerzeit Summer

Just wanted to share this photo I took this morning with you. I am not exactly sure whether or not the fountain is actually Gründerzeit, i.e. late Victorian, or from after World War II, but it is one beautiful shot none the less. I actually wanted to do a slightly …

Scouting the City

Today was the second really nice warm and sunny day since we moved to Augsburg. It was about time. The cold and damp weather was really getting on my nerves, it’s almost June, after all. So today we walked around town and were most amazed by the hydraulic architecture. There …