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Let’s Play: Battletech

Oh the awesome! High octane, concentrated ALL CAPS AWESOME! It has been three years in the making but here it is, BATTLETECH by Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes LLC. I just had to sit down and do a quick skirmish game. There will be many more of those skirmishes in the …

Attention, MechWarriors! This is not a drill!

Calling all MechWarriors! Veterans and raw recruits across the Inner Sphere, report to your staging areas. Operation Alpha Strike is GO! Pass the following message on: Yes, MechWarrior is returning to a computer screen near you! Please excuse me, I have a Gladiator to polish.

Steampunk Strategy Game by Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs, the current publishers of the iconic games Shadowrun and Battletech, are developing a very promising looking Steampunk-themed tabletop strategy game, Leviathans. Leviathans will be published this year under Creative Commons. This means we, the players and Steampunk enthusiasts can  participate and influence the game world in a …