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Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart! Google Celebrates, too!

Amelia Earhart, famed aviatrix and a legend even during her life time would be 115 years old today, if she were still with us. We can safely presume, she would in all likelihood celebrate this day by strapping herself into a cockpit and taking to the air! It is sad …

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clemens

… or Mark Twain as he is commonly known. Apart from being one of the greatest literates of the 19th century, he was also a freethinker, skeptic, satirist and technophile. And: As the image shows, at least an acquaintance if not a friend of one of our icons, Nicola Tesla.

Happy Birthday, William Shatner

William Shatner, a living legend, has graced this planet with his presence for 80 years now. Happy birthday! Of course, he is best remembered in his epic role as Captain James T. Kirk: Apart from his long and very successful career as an actor, William Shatner is also an author, …

Bon anniversaire Jules!

Steampunk Holiday Jules Verne, arguably the father of the Steampunk genre would have been 183 years today, and with Steampunk technology at his disposal he probably would have made it, too! So raise your glasses and toast to Jules Verne today, one of the greatest authors and visionaries in human …