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Coding Golang (Go) for Cthulhu #3 – Installing Go and LiteIDE

The next of my tutorial videos concerning two things: Learning a programming language and worshipping Cthulhu at the same time. In this one, I talk about where and how to download and install Golang and the excellent LiteIDE on your computer. Here it is:

Coding Golang for Cthulhu #2 – Variables

Today I continue with the basic tutorial for coding golang as part of the series Coding Golang for Cthulhu with a look at variables. Again, I have added a link to a google doc in the video with material for further reading, please enjoy and I hope you also learn …

Coding Go/Golang for Cthulhu #1 – Introduction to Go

I had this idea to combine two hobbies of mine and help spread knowledge at the same time. So what I did was starting a tutorial video series (may be just a mini-series) on programming using examples taken from the Cthulhu Mythos. The language I am using is Google Go, …