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Google goes slightly Steampunk

Well…     Nice video, but do you really want to give Google more and more of your data? Google Play sounds like a cool concept, but this is also just another way for Google to track where you are, when you are where and so on.

Art Deco Internet Propaganda

Let us again speculate about parallel realities, different histories and fictional timelines. Go deep into Dieselpunk and think what would have happened if the Second World War had never happened, Stalin would not have happened and the world would be in an eternal slightly dangerous version of the 1930’s. And …

Shoutout for Brian Dunning

Again it’s skepticism and not Steampunk… I just wanted to give a shoutout for skeptic, educator and all-over great guy Brian Dunning. I have mentioned him here before, he is the host of Skeptoid (click!), one of the finest science podcasts around. In May, Brian gave a presentation of his …