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Review: A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill

This book came as a recommendation by Amazon and this time, the recommendation algorithm worked (usually it is a wee bit off the mark). Right from the start, I was hooked. Before the first chapter are two brief excerpts from popular works of famous authors. One by Ray Bradbury and …

Someone Realized HP Lovecraft Poem “Nemesis” Maps Perfectly to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”

Please, everybody, just click and enjoy the madness! H.P. Lovecraft: Nemesis – Sing along Thro’ the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber,Past the wan-moon’d abysses of night,I have liv’d o’er my lives without number,I have sounded all things with my sight;And I struggle and shriek ere the daybreak, being driven to madness …

H P Lovecraft

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lovecraft

It is an honoured tradition on this blog to commemorate the birthday of the Master of the Macabre, H. P. Lovecraft, on this day every year. Today in 1890, Howard Philips Lovecraft was born in in Providence, Rhode Island, where he spent most of his life. To celebrate, I present …

80 years ago today… Not dead, only dreaming

On March 15th, 1937, H.P. Lovecraft left this realm to dream forever with Cthulhu in his house or build his own palace in Celephais or splendid Cathuria. Rest in Peace, Sir. Image (c) unknown. Firstname David, fair use

Today in 1937 H.P. Lovecraft began dreaming with Cthulhu

Dead but dreaming… H.P. Lovecraft left the mortal realm 79 years ago today but his memory and legacy live on, stronger than ever.     Mr Lovecraft, your fans and cultist across the planet and in the black gulfs of space salute you!

Lovecraft themed anthology Whispers from the Abyss

Well, what ended up in my ætherbox? A press release concerning a new anthology full of Lovecraftian literature!     New anthology from 01Publishing terrorizes readers with 33 new Lovecraft inspired tales!   On the subway, during lunch, or even under the fluorescent glow of the office—there is no escape! …

1-2-3 Lovecraft!

Today is the 123rd birthday of His Macabre Grace Howard Phillips Lovecraft, as if this blog needed a special reason to mark his birthday anyway… So tonight, I will drink a glass of mead, pretend it is space mead (although this is actually an invention by Derleth) and begin a …