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Review: Babymetal – Babymetal

Three Japanese teenage girls making heavy metal music, if this scenario sounds weird to you, well, it sounded weird to me when I was first introduced to the band a few months ago. Just a bit of background on the band: Babymetal is a constructed band, the members are all …

Poison Garden – Italian Steampunk Metal

The ætherweb is such a great thing, its waves keep washing endless material to publish on the shores of the diverse sites I use to mingle with my fellow Steampunks, and it was thus I came across this band: Poison Garden (official website) They are a young band, formed in …

A Forest of Stars – Amazing Steampunk Metal Video

Please enjoy this visual and auditory gem: And when you are done, please be so kind and visit their most intriguing website: A Forest of Stars But bring some time. The site is rather unique and it takes an inquisitive mind to discover all the little hidden things.

Steampunk Compatible Music and Birthdays

Already a while back, there was a thread on the Brassgoggles Forum, where we discussed Steampunk Music, music we would like to see, that is, hear, in a Steampunk context and the music we were listening to in general. In this thread, a few participants, including myself, agreed, that Steampunk …