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Steampunk Photoshoot with Mahafsoun

The fair lady Mahafsoun, regular readers of this blog will be familiar with her, has now officially crossed into Steampunk after carving out a significant place for herself in the Heavy Metal and Gothic scenes. I think it was only a matter of time, since the scenes are connected anyway …

More Heavy Metal Bellydance ~ Nightwish {Arabesque} performed by Mahafsoun

It has been a while since I last posted something about the amazing Mahafsoun. So, I am going to do exactly this now.Please enjoy her latest performance, improvising to Nightwish’s {Arabesque}:

Heavy Metal Belly Dance: Interview with Mahafsoun

A few weeks back I posted a video of the most charming and talented Mahafsoun performing belly dance to The Agonist. I have since inquired if it would be possible to do an interview with Mahafsoun and now I am delighted to tell you, she agreed and this is the …