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Marcus Aurelius

Project Stoicism: The Life of Marcus Aurelius

The life of Marcus Aurelius is as interesting, epic and historically significant as you may expect from one of Rome’s most famous emperors and one of the few philosopher kings history has to offer. Biographics, a highly recommendable YouTube channel just released a biography of Marcus Aurelius, check it out:

Project Stoicism: Actionable advice by Marcus Aurelius and Musonius Rufus

Most of us are sitting at home right now, going out only when necessary. But even now, it can happen that we overhear somebody telling someone else off for real or imagined breaches of quarantine rules. Or maybe someone thinks they have special rights and do not have to stick …

The Stoa

Project Stoicism: The Virtue of Wisdom

The Stoics recognize four primary virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Courage, and Temperance. I will tackle each one starting today with Wisdom. Wisdom to Stoics is the knowledge of things which are good or evil or which are neither. Concerning this knowledge I want to share some thoughts on two quotes by …