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Felicia Day, Phil Plait and Steampunk

Before the scientifically inclined readers of my blog get too excited, Phil Plait will not appear in Steampunk garb, sorry. Felicia Day gives him a shout-out at the beginning of the video below, which features Felicia in a Steampunk outfit during a spontaneous photo shoot at Clockwork Couture! Glorious! Please …

How to defend earth from Asteroids – Phil Plait

Phil Plait (I featured a video of one of his talks before) strikes again. Please enjoy this talk and presentation he gave at TED in Boulder, Arizona, about how to defend the earth from asteroids. A very important point. Why? Do you know why the dinosaurs died out? They did …

Phil Plait on spreading Skepticism

Phil Plait is an astronomer, educator, pillar of the skeptic community, and blogger. He has some very good points to make on how to best tackle the problem of the spreading wave of pseudo science. Please enjoy the video: Phil Plait – Don’t Be A Dick from JREF on Vimeo.