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Bioshock Infinite Short Film – The Apple Thief

This short piece came out of a school project. Good work, I say! If we only had had the technology to do such things when I was young. Alas, that was the time when monitor screens showed yellow letters on green background… And it very much captures what is going …

A disturbing glimpse into a more cyberpunk future

Like it or not, I think an encounter like the one below is not so unrealistic as some would like or hope. I guess the short film hits the nail on the head: A stalker/player of this kind could easily be a reality once Google Goggles go through several iterations:

The Marionette Unit – A Project on Hold

While scouting the ætherweb, as I do when I have the time, always on the lookout for oddities, marvels and the odd cryptid, I discovered this: The Marionette Unit – Inception Trailer from Fun Size Studios on Vimeo. I was quite intrigued by this rather harrowing trailer. Mad scientist, evil …