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Time Travel and Ancient Egypt

Here it is, positive proof of time travel: Just look at this picture, this is an actual set of hiroglyphs in or near Abydos, it is astounding! Upper left, there is a helicopter, to its right a battletank and below the tank, some type of bulky, almost egg-shaped, aircraft. Judging …

Non-Steampunk Update: This image says it all

This just proves once more, that the heads of the Evangelical Movement are phony, selfish scumbags. I am not attacking any faithful Christians out there, just the loudmouths who claim to do good but are ever only good to themselves and everybody else pays:

On a completely different note

Today I am going to divert slightly from the usual Steampunk theme and let the scientific and skeptical facette of my persoality shine through. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet recently regarding this old swami from India who survives without food or drink. Well, Mr. Randy, …