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Want to join Captain Shakespear's Crew?

Want to join Captain Shakespear’s Crew? Than it’s about time you reply to this ad: Stardust by *Loopydave on deviantART I guess the recruiting station is located somewhere in the vicinity of the village of Wall.

Stardust – A movie to make a happy day

I really regret not having had time yet to actually read the book behind this most excellent movie, but I am sure I will get round to it eventually. When a friend of mine (Timo, my main collaborator for internet weirdness on this blog) and me went to see it, …

Neil Gaiman Week!

Today is the first day of Neil Gaiman Week on this blog. I decided doing this special feature for several reasons: By Jove! Neil Gaiman is awesome! Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is an integral part of my time in Nottingham being as enjoyable as it was. There are enough Steampunk elements …

Announcing: Neil Gaiman Week

The week from June 7th – June 13th will be dedicated to Neil Gaiman and his work. Several reasons: Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one, if not the, most iconic graphic novelist. Sandman, his most widely known work, transformed a whole genre. Stardust, Sandman, the Books of Magic all …