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Special News Bulletin: PBS Goes Steampunk

Yes, Steampunk is turning from a subculture phenomenon and a phenomenal subculture into somehing that is more and more recognized by the public at large. Even better, the perception is overwhelmingly positive. So it is little wonder that major-league media players like PBS have turned their attention to Steampunk, look …

Peter Falk has passed on

Peter Falk, a.k.a. Inspector Columbo, one of the most iconic and beloved actors of the last decades has passed on. He will be sorely missed and we all hope he will eventually return saying “Oh, and another thing…”

Review: American Pickers, Season 1 and Raffle!

After first hearing of American Pickers and doing a little piece about it on the blog, I got my hands on the first season. It is a real shame I can only watch this series on DVD since it is otherwise not available for me. I cannot watch it online …