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Tribal Bellydance

More Heavy Metal Bellydance ~ Nightwish {Arabesque} performed by Mahafsoun

It has been a while since I last posted something about the amazing Mahafsoun. So, I am going to do exactly this now.Please enjoy her latest performance, improvising to Nightwish’s {Arabesque}:

Prof. Minuskel’s Timetravel Panopticum: Recap 2 – Nakari

Last time I wrote aboutProfessor Minuskels Timetravel Panopticum I left the best and most spectacular bit out. Later in the evening, we were honored by a performance of Nakari, a Vienna based Tribal Bellydance Duo: Let’s begin with two photographs I took (please excuse the modest quality): But this, of …

Interview with The Violet Tribe

Some weeks ago, I was made aware of The Violet Tribe (see this post) and have since gotten into contact with the ladies. They have graciously agreed to give an interview and share some information about themselves, The Violet Tribe, and their other projects. This interview is actually a translated …

Violet Tribe: The Steam Song

It has been a while since I last posted something about steampunk-related tribal bellydance. If I have not missed something, the last article was actually about Dizzy and the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, almost two years ago, Fortunately, this long interval is now coming to an end with this video. …