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And today in 1940

This came in via one of my favourite Twitter channels: A man in Detmold, Germany, has been fined for insulting his wife, saying she “lies like Churchill”. “The court agreed this went too far.” — RealTimeWWII (@RealTimeWWII) I could not stop laughing for a minute or two.

This came in via Richard Dawkin's Twitter Channel

“RichardDawkins: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study – – – Huff Post Media –” —“ And some people keep wondering why sarcasm, despair and some light misanthropy are among my favourite hobbies…

Steampunk is SPLENDID!

Today is Steamtuesday on Twitter. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier. Steamtuesday is Twitter’s  official Steampunk and love-sharing event by the Steampunk Twitter community. To find out more, here are the latest entries on Steamtuesday. There is quite a lot going on but most of the activity is …

More Ætherweb Jewels

Today I have another two gems from the ætherweb for you. I have to thank Elvira Afterthought for pointing my eye and ætherweb-searches towards those two. It is always good to take a closer look at the people who tweet about my stuff on Twitter. So, Elvira mentioned two sites …